Introducing Tata Daewoo’s SPV line-up

Mobile tank lorry (5㎘)

Maximum payload in the same classification considering high efficiency in transportation
Best convenience and safety work with a system allowing the groundwork and stable parts

Application for hazardous materials installation license

After delivery, it is necessary to receive the hazardous materials installation license (Inspection proof of completion) from a fire station together with a vehicle registration.

  • Attached document when applying for hazardous materials installation license
  • Tank safety performance test report
  • Tank capacity verification certificate
  • Fueling verification certificate
  • Structural facility statement
  • Depot layout (Drawing)
  • Vehicle registration certificate

Slide type rear gate

Reel storage area on the left and right
(2" x 2.6m : 2 ea)

Powder fire extinguisher (2 ea)

Ladder for high work

Hose reel put switch

Butterfly valve for easy operations

One-stop manhole to open/close at once

Regulator pressure gage

Convenient ultra high-speed lubricator and auto reel

Lower part operations using main valve (Air type) and liquefaction equipment valve