Introducing Tata Daewoo’s SPV line-up

4 Ton Dump

Efficiency in high transport using more spacious, long deck, and large capacity of compressor
Aluminum material on essential parts of a truck for high durability and less weight

Powerful driving performance and dumping capacity

Spacious height of a depot is required considering some differences
by vehicle attitude at max. height based on the design standard when dumping

Max. payload of same classification 4 ton

Dimension inside of deck (mm) : 3,300 x 2,040 x 395

Deck for high durability
(applied with ATOS)

PTO connecting type hydraulic pump
(Based on Manual Transmission)

High durability and minimum noise without a drive shaft

Air type dumping lever

High durability compared to a cable method

Hydraulic pump oil tank

Enhanced durability of dumping cylinder using an oil filter

8-inch navigation and rear camera


Powerful and large payload of dumping mechanism

Safety supporting apparatus

Safe step for deck