ESG Management

Vision of ESG Management

Transformation to Innovative and Sustainable
Mobility Solution Provider for all of us

Responding to climate change and implementing actions are a top priority
not only for us but also for the next generation to make better today and the future.
Accordingly, Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle along with Tata Motors are
establishing a system to effectively respond to climate change and put our utmost
efforts to achieve zero-carbon target by 2040.


Visions and goals to achieve carbon neutrality have been set and core tasks related to the environment such as utilization of renewable energy (RE100), strengthening GHG emission control, operating ISO 14001-based Environmental Management System, and developing eco-friendly mobility are carrying out.

GHG emission control

ISO 14001-based Environmental Management System operation

Eco-friendly mobility development


We are trying to make our business sites where safety comes first by strengthening and constantly engaging in CSR activities and by expanding areas of those activities. In addition, we are operating ISO 45001-based Safety & Health Management System. Together with ethical management, activities for social contribution is continuously strengthening.

CSR activities strengthening and expansion

ISO 45001 Safety & Health Management System operation

Ethical management


To transform us into an innovative and sustainable mobility solution company, we are striving to build a fair and transparent decision-making system based on corporate operational risk analysis / management, so that we can enhance all stakeholders’ benefits and corporate value.

Systematic risk analysis /

A fair and transparent decision
making system

Stakeholders’ benefit and corporate value enhancement