Vehicle Self-maintenance

Find information in the videos on how to take care of your vehicle yourself in easy way

DIY Vehicle Maintenance Tips

How to take care of your Euro6 DPF

How to upgrade your vehicle navigation system

How to remove air in the air tank

How to manually regenerate your Euro6 Step-C FTP vehicle

How to remove water in the primary fuel filer

How to replace truck exterior light bulbs

How to remove/install MAXIMUS truck’s interior and exterior fuse boxes and check the fuse numbers

How to remove the seats from Tata Daewoo truck

Let’s check the filter location and replacement interval

Engine Oil

Idle the engine for 2~3 minutes. Turn the engine off and wait for about 2~3 minutes.
Check if the engine oil level is between Max and Min.

  • Pull the dipstick out and check the oil level.
  • If the level is near Min, add oil to bring the level to Max.