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Tata Daewoo CV & Tata Motors India Take Part in the Seoul Motor Show 2005 DATE: 2005.05.03 HITS : 2951
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n Exhibition under the theme of “New Brand, New Company, New Truck,” pantomime performance and other events prepared n Launching its first medium-sized truck, commemorating Tata Daewoo’s first anniversary n Participate with Tata Motors, who will display Passenger cars n Tata Daewoo’s performance in its first year, ended March 2005 domestic market share, increase of over 3%, and 140% rise in export volume. n Planning to again double export this year and expand export revenue to 40% by 2009. [April 28, 2005, Seoul] Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tata Daewoo) and India’s Tata Motors are jointly participating in the Seoul Motor Show 2005, to be held at the Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX) located in Goyang-shi, Gyeonggi-do from April 30 to May 8. At the exhibition, Tata Daewoo will display a special tractor, a show car, a medium-sized truck and a 24-ton 3-rear-axle dump truck in a 750 square meter stall created under the concept of “New Brand, New Company, New Truck.” Tata Motors will make its exhibition debut in Korea with the Xover, a futuristic concept car, Tata Indica, Tata Indigo and Tata Indigo Station Wagon Passenger cars. “I am very delighted that Tata Daewoo can take part in this Korean motor show along with its parent company Tata Motors during our first anniversary celebrations,” remarked Kwang-Ok Chae, president of Tata Daewoo, at the Press Day event on April 28 for domestic and foreign reporters, prior to the public opening. Mr. Chae continued, “We proudly introduce three commercial vehicles, including a new medium-sized truck and a 24-ton 3-rear-axle dump truck. This is significant because our new products will contribute to widening the range of choices for customers in the medium-sized truck market, which has been dominated by Hyundai. We are also happy to offer an expanded commercial vehicle lineup, which used to consist only of large-sized trucks. We at Tata Daewoo will continue to develop more advanced future trucks to lead the commercial vehicle industry in Korea.” Meanwhile, analysts consider Tata Daewoo to have successfully established itself during the first year of operations, which began on March 29, 2004. Its domestic market share rose by over 3%, and export volume also surged 140%. Tata Daewoo plans to double its export sales this year, expecting exports to account for as much as 40% of total revenues by 2009. Tata Daewoo is on the way to developing a “world truck” with Tata Motors, which will be introduced in 2008, driven by its efforts to focus more on R&D since the new firm launched. Tata Daewoo plans to reinforce its customer-focussed marketing strategy by expanding meeting opportunities with local customers nationwide, in order to enhance its customer-satisfaction. Tata Daewoo will create exciting images by showing off its special tractor, a show car, and Xover, a crossover concept car, in the opening event and stage interesting events, such as quiz shows, slot machines and pantomime performances, during the motor show. Following the press day on April 28 and opening ceremony on April 29, Seoul Motor Show 2005 will be open to the public from April 30 to May 8. # # # Medium-Duty Truck (5.5 ton) Tata Daewoo’s new medium-sized truck is equipped with a Cummins engine that meets the rigid Euro III environmental standard and sports 220 horsepower, highly enhancing the vehicle’s fuel efficiency and durability. With its cab, Tata Daewoo’s medium-sized spacious truck offers plenty of interior space, increasing the driver’s comfort. The versatile new truck can be easily altered to become a fire engine, cargo crane or garbage truck. Tata Daewoo’s new truck will provide the customer more choice in Korea’s medium-sized truck market, where Hyundai was the only manufacturer till now. 24-ton 3-rear-axle dump truck The 24-ton 3-rear-axle dump truck, offered for the first time in Korea, has a minimal turn radius of 9.95 meters to make it adequate for urban operation, and is equipped with excellent grade ability with 415 horsepower and 187 torque. The truck has better fuel efficiency than existing 24-ton dump trucks. Tata Daewoo’s NOVUS truck is installed with highly efficient environment-friendly electronic engine, and innovatively improved in durability and convenience. The NOVUS truck satisfies characteristics for commercial vehicles – mobility, low operating cost, and driving convenience – making the product highly competitive. The NOVUS engine applies Bosch’s common rail fuel injection system, a first for large trucks in Korea, and meets the Euro III, KOREA 2004, and even Euro IV (effective 2008) exhaust regulations.


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